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  1. The one thing to consider is you can easily sell these O2 cylinders, unless you really want a bell. Among other things, I dive commercially and recreationally and a lot of divers are interested in picking up oxygen cylinders for use in diving. The kind you have is not suited for the actual in water use, but as part of a diving first aid kit, it is invaluable. This is because many dive related injuries require raising the bodies’ partial pressure of oxygen and this is done by administering 100% oxygen to the patient. So to get to the point you can get some easy cash for these and in turn put that into more tools for blacksmithing like the rest of us :wacko: . If you are still interested in making a bell the best way to wash out a cylinder is using a simple green solution. When I clean a cylinder for oxygen use this is what I use. It is the “standard” for cleaning a pressure vessel for high O2 use (above 36% O2). This makes sure any oxygen impregnated materials that could be fuel for a fire is cleaned out.
  2. Here is a picture of a couple of simple projects I did today. I need to pratice doing leaves more. The top one is a leaf letter opener, next one down is a drive J hook with a twist, the bottom one is a simple S hook. I am working on projects out of The Backyard Blacksmith from Lorelei Sims. I have gone through a ton of books and references for blacksmithing and have found hers one of the best. Let me know what you think of my start.
  3. WOW, U do a nice job forging. That Black Cat you made looks so lifelike, .
  4. We were in West Virgina at my wifes grandmothers who is 93 and her boyfriend who is in his 80's and still takes care of a 150 acre farm by himself. His sickle mower on his Ford 9N tractor broke a while ago and he couldn't fix it because of the work and weight involved so while we were there I replaced it with another one he had. He knew that I was getting into Black Smithing and after I fixed the mower he took me into his barn and showed me a leg vise that he had. He knew I was looking for one and said here you go if you want it, do I owe you anything else for fixing the mower? I tried to pay him for it because I fixed the mower to help him not to get paid and he wouldn't hear of it so I finally thanked him and accepted it. I wish I would have taken pictures of it before I started working on it because it had set in the barn rusted and froze up for longer than I have been alive (31+ years). It took two days of constant spraying with Aerol Kroil (Best Stuff I have ever found) and a torch to heat it up to get it finally to move. After taking it all apart I used electrolysis (Never have and wanted to play with it) to clean it up. I then took a wire wheel to it to finish the clean up. Then I sprayed it again with the Aerol Kroil and rubbed it in to lube and protect it. The only thing I had to replace on it was the bolt on the leg where the two pieces connect because by the time I got it out it was ruined. When replaceing it I burned the hole a little bigger and put a hardened bolt back in place. Now it works fine. I also made a 3/4 inch round steel plate for the leg to sit on since I'm not going to put a hole in my floor. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product (Still need to attach it to my bench). I consider the price of the vise as free because I was helping him with his mower anyways. Forgot to add earlier: The vise has a 6" Jaw, Stands about 43" and weighs 95 lbs. --- Also thanks for the advice Frosty, I will see what I have, Thank you.
  5. Face is nice and not dinged much at all, figured I could work around the edges. Has a solid muffled noise with a great rebound, glad I did my research a little bit and didn't expect a ring.
  6. I just picked up this Fisher for $200, it is 208#'s. I attached a couple of pictures. The one of the top has a dark spot by the horn that looks like a chip but it is not it is just a darker spot. I don't think I did too badly for my first one. This is the one listed on the Youngstown Craigslist. Let me know if you think I got a decent deal or not.
  7. First Post here - First thanks for all the info, second I will let you know about the two anvils in Ohio for sale. I am looking about getting the one in Lima, but am also going to look at the one in Youngstown (a lot closer for me).