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super thin

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Ok so i ordered a hidden tang fillet knife from NorthcoastKnives.com and i didnt realize how thin .060" really is till i got it in the mail. How on earth would i make a handle for this thing? i didnt think they made drill bits that small.


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Your slot needn't be a tight fit if you are using epoxy to bed the tang. He has a tutorial on the site but I would handle that blade with a two piece handle and carve out the slot. The blade looks nice! I recently bought a filet knife and it was very poorly tapered and ground... I ended up redoing the rough grind on up and wished that I had just made my own blade from scratch. This one seems much better! I've done quite a few 2 piece handles and with all good results.

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Why do you need to drill the tang? With small tangs that's just adding a weak spot. Rough up the surface of the tang, clean with a degreaser and bed in epoxy and you're good to go!

Someone is confused. I am confident that he is drilling the handle to match the tang.

Matching is relative since there are so many high quality adhesives and epoxies available.

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