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The Brits are coming.

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As I'll be stopping by IFI a little from now on I thought I should stop here first and say hello. As you might have guessed I'm an Englishman. Normally found on-line on British Blades, I'm predominantly a knife maker by stock removal rather than a 'smith, but I enjoy getting it hot and hitting it when I can. I've already seen a few familiar 'faces' around the place here so I'll leave it to those guys to let you know just how little I really know... lol

Looking forward to learning a lot more about this metal bashing lark from you guys in the future.

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Guilty Dave. I told him about get hammered at Moony's, which happens to coincide with his honeymoon. Guess who got his intended tipply so she agreed to let him come play? :D
As Ian says he's more a grinder than forger, but don't let him fool you into thinking he's a 'wanna make a big sword NOW!' kind of guy.
Ian's one of 2 (afaik) Bladesports International instructors in the U.K. So he knows a thing or 2 about wielding large knives.
He also likes his rum, so we'll be introducing him to Queensland's finest. :D

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