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Advice on axes without welding

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Ive been blacksmithing for about 3 years now, making things just for around the farm, not really any tools (pitchforks, Shovels, hooks etc...) lately I've been trying to figure out how to make an axe, my only problem is I cannot get high enough tempratures for welding, or working my steel effectively, so it seems I beat a round bar flat and machine it. I use old motor shafts, no idea what kind of steel that it... but anyways, I dont have any tools either, just my hammer, anvil and trusty natural wood forge, not even a pair of tongs, and one piece of steel left that isnt structural angle iron. Ive decided on an axe because that will get used to death, I go through axes like water, im tired of using stuff that says "made in china" and need guarenteed quality, would it be better to punch an eye through the steel by starting kind of cheating before the heat (cutting an eye through each side with an angle grinder until they meet and spreading them with a wedge) or wrapping the steel around say, an old piece of pipe, twisting it since i cannot weld, try to manage to pop the pipe out, even it out with the hammer and get it to the final shape with a kind of makeshift "damascus" do keep in mind I would like to use it and not make it just look cool and also only have a one inch thick round motor shaft about 3 feet long, or would that be pointless and very stupid to even attempt? any advice would be great this is my very first project.

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You posted as a "teen", so we can understand your wishing to avoid problems on the net, and keep your privacy. So I will elaborate the request just made, adding a City/State or just a region i.e. "North Eastern Indiana", is not a security risk, but it will assit you in finding help/supplies near by, as some things wil be easier to find in some area than others

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If you are around central New Mexico the August SWABA meeting will be on axe making this Saturday and we'd lovew to see you there!

I'm a bit concerned about your forge as I have welded in a hole in the ground using home made chunk charcoal before and two small home made single action bellows.

Would you like coaching on your set up as well?

Thomas, currently President of SWABA

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