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playful idea - cutlass from "ninja pirate"

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Hello Everyone,
I don't think I posted this one here. It is a take-off on a cutlass. It has a plate guard instead of a knuckle bow due to a joke on another forum about ninja pirates and a piece made along that line by Jake Cleland of Skye Knives.

So, here is my take on that theme. It has a 12" blade, and there is a very active hamon under there. I have polished it better, but my camera is on the fritz. So, this is the best I have.

The hamon is so active that one learned friend is pressing me to re-fit this as a wak. I accidentally stumbled upon the right heat range to get a really active area of transition. I hope I can do it again when I try deliberately!

This one was made just for fun. It does have a wicked chopping/slicing ability, though.

Hope you enjoy this in the jocular spirit that I made it.


post-6461-031289400 1278487582_thumb.jpg

post-6461-077020900 1278487591_thumb.jpg

post-6461-040277400 1278487602_thumb.jpg

post-6461-042317400 1278487611_thumb.jpg

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honestly, I was thinking of making something that looked like a smaller version of a Chinese broadsword. A couple of others have noticed the lineage, too.

thanks for the comments. I wanted to make something fun out of monosteel while I was waiting for my hydraulic press to arrive. I will be on a damascus binge after this.


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