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I Forge Iron

found an anvil

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I found this anvil or ASO not really sure

I've already shown some of you in chat. some say it might be cast iron, I've asked for more pictures but no response yet. so these are all I have to go on.

anyone have any insite....

the price seems right unless it's cast iron

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Look up Meehanite in wikipedia:

"Meehanite is a trademark for an engineering process to make many types of cast iron. When a foundry advertises that produces "Meehanite Iron" this means the foundry is licensed by Meehanite Metal Corporation, initially of Chattanooga, Tennessee but now based in Mequon, Wisconsin. The Meehanite process includes a series of specific processing steps, which, when followed, will produce (according to Meehanite) cast iron with uniform soundness, consistent physical properties and dependable performance in service[1].

Meehanite metal specifications include a wide range of cast irons, including flake graphite types, ductile irons, austempered ductile irons, wear resistant irons, heat resistant irons and corrosion resistant types. Meehanite is not a specific alloy or material. While Meehanite lists all of these metal types in its grouping of specifications, all of these types of cast irons can and are made by non-Meehanite licensed foundries. Many of the types of engineering grades listed by Meehanite were discovered or developed by other companies."

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