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sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

I found this in the atlanta GA area if anyone needs it.

a post vise for $100

I would jump on it myself only I am broke. I have to scrounge for everything even my charcoal and materials.

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Looks OK from the pic. but seems pretty High $$ to me. I bought 2of them this size in excellent condition for $35.00 ea and have seen them go for less.

I need a good post vise. you say they can sell for less than $40. I really need to keep digging then. right now I have a cheap benchtop vise/anvil combo, the kind you buy at the hardware store. it has it's uses but i need a post vise.
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Yes, I bought two 4" vises for $35.00 ea. about 3yrs ago in Canton, TX. at the "First Monday Trade Days". Check www.craigslist.com in your area for these key words; anvil, blacksmith, forge, post vise, postvise, blacksmith vise. I'm sure you will come up with one in due time. Also, post something at the feed stores, hardware stores, post office, and other places where older folks frequent. Hit the auctions in your area, especially if they have farm stuff. TALK to people, let them know what you are doing and what you are looking for. The stuff is out there, ya just gotta 'dig it up'. Good luck.

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Just my 2 cents.

If you need the tool, the price is not high. If you want the tool and do not need it right now, then you can afford to look around a little longer. Size, availability and need determine if I pick them up or skip the deal. I buy them here in Florida and resale or trade them to other smiths. I have paid as little as $30 and as much as $110. To me the deal depends on all the contributing factors, what else is involved, is there a few other items that I need, are they included? Do I have a buyer for any of it or am I going to have to store it until I find one? I have over paid for items just because I wanted them and waited until the market would let me brake even. Business is only one aspect of our craft, sometimes you just want what you see. If I buy several tools then I divide the cost, meaning that if I bought a forge, an anvil and a post vise for $300. I overpaid for the vice but got a screaming deal on the anvil and forge.

Buy the vise and a cheaper one will magically appear, need the vise to finish a project and you will never find one for sale. If I did not have one, then I would grab it.

I’m betting if most of us counted our tools, scrap and other equipment, we are all dangerously close to having more than we can use or even need. Stay in this and one day you will look around and discover that you also have more than you need. At that point donate some to a new smith and let them get bitten by the bug.

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