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Any mentors in Phoenix AZ?

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Hi All, total beginner here, and outside of getting books (many of which have been mentioned elsewhere on the site) I'm wondering if anyone knows of (or is a) blacksmith mentor (or blacksmith groups) in the Phoenix metro area. So far I've had real trouble finding groups and/or mentors, etc. I just don't know if this city has the same resources as others, but it's where I'm at and I can't leave, so if anyone knows of somebody please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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Lots of good smiths in AZ and most likely some near you.

May I commend to your attention the Arizona Artist Blacksmiths Association AZ-Blacksmiths.org

Some them may be at the mini-conference the NM blacksmiths are having this weekend so it might take a day or two to get ahold of them.

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AZ is full of smiths.Many of them post on here. As Thomas said look up the local group. The AZ farriers association brings in some of the best smiths in the world for clinics on a fairly regular basis. Check out the AFA,american farriers association for contact links.
The Arizona blacksmiths put on a demonstration a couple of times a year at Saguaro ranch in Glendale.
Pieh Tool In Camp Verde regularly has events you can learn at. A Call to them may find things going on in the valley area. But no one is likely to be teaching in this weather. You may have to wait until winter for the group events.

You have not mentioned much about yourself. How old are you? do you have a vehicle to get around in? do you have any equipment? do you live in an area that will allow you to work at home? And also important is wot is it you want to forge? All these things play a part in wot folks will be willing or able to give you in the way of help or advice. For the mean time this summer you have already found a place you can begin your education. Read the forums daily there is gold in these words.

There is a feature on here called blueprints and you can join on tuesday nights and print out the information for future use. There is a historical accounting of the Bps that will be brought back on line someday that will fill a notebook with from basic how tos to some quite advanced items.

The gallery on here is a review of items made by members that may give you goals for your future work.

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Hello desert merc. Please check out the Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association. We are a very active group with over 300 current members. We will be having our July hammer in Flagstaff the 3 Saturday. You can go to our web site for more info and down load the news letters for free. If you have any other questions please pm me.

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