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  1. This is a run down on building my forging hammer and my neighbors forging hammer. Not much was bought for this project, most came from our scrap piles. Cutting the steel for the anvil. Cutting the steel for the column. The anvil columns welded to the bases. My beautiful and charming life long love helping me out. Supports for the anvil and column. Basic hammer platform welded up. You can see the pillow bearings and spring attachment Y Cutting the steel for the hammer. A close up of the off set wheel. This was a cut off from a flat plate. a quick shot of the hammer control motor peddle. A number of pictures of the hammer The bearing surface area machined Main column support I have a video of it in operation coming soon.
  2. I have started gathering materials for this build. Currently I am trying to do this project with what is available in my scrap pile. I have cut and ground the up-right pieces and the base for the roller After cutting, grinding and milling this is what they now look like. After looking through my shop I actually found a 40 to 1 reducer. In the bearing cabinet I came across a set on 1 1/4 inch bearing that will work for the main roller. I also hit the neighbors supply of junk and he had a set of Harley sprockets and I had the chain to go with them. I am not sure if I need this extra reduction or not. In the scrap pile was also the material for the base. On the saw and being cut to size. going to the motor storage area I found a 5hp 3 phase motor. The funny thing is that I just got a call from a friend that had a 7.5 hp rated VFD. I think that I am on the way now.
  3. MG-42

    It followed me home

    nice find and the compressor does look new.
  4. MG-42

    It followed me home

    I am currently working on a Hugh McDonald hot meta l roller. With that said my neighbor gave me this today. Now if you are wondering what it is then let me do away with the mystery. It is a home made horse walker. Just look at the pully wheel and chain and sprockets. This is the missing link to my hot metal roller.
  5. MG-42

    damascus jewelers hammer

    beautiful work.
  6. I have looked at all the posts on this forum concerning the Hugh McDonald rolling mill and most of the pictures have disappeared. I was hoping to start a new thread with the possibility of chatting with people that have built one to ask questions and see pictures. I have Mr. McDonald's book and have been going over it. I will soon be doing a solid model of his design.
  7. Early this summer my wife started a project of organizing all my scrap metal. This was accomplished for 2 reasons. First to clean up all the piles of metal around the property and second to minimize buying material that we already had. It also had a third unexpected accomplishment and that is for me to complete and finish more projects. Here are a few pictures and a video of the yard. You can see the video here.
  8. MG-42

    It followed me home

    Wow nice anvils. Wish I had the problem of people dropping off anvils at my place.
  9. MG-42

    It followed me home

    This is kind of it followed me home and then I built something with it post. I am not sure if it should go here or else where.. The story starts with the old lathe I found if an empty lot. The lathe was way past it's life so I took anything of value off of it and scrapped the rest. This is where the stand came from. A could of more holes were drilled. Then a plate from the hydraulic forging press that was cut out of the center was cut to size. combining with the old steel plate from the hydraulic power pack. It was machined to the fly press requirements. The top and bottom plates were welded to a piece of 6" pipe that I dug out of a dumpster. So this is the end result of using all the it followed me home stuff so I can use my 25.00 yard sale find fly press. It now sets next to my forging hammer I built from stuff that followed me.
  10. MG-42

    It followed me home

    I always look for old and odd bits of metal when I am out. My wife thinks I am nuts but lives with it after 37 years
  11. MG-42

    It followed me home

    All the hammer heads I have picked up from abandon properties, on the side of the road and out of dumpsters Now I just need to make handles for all of them
  12. MG-42

    It followed me home

    I did a job at a house and shop that was to be demoed.Asked the superintendent if I could look through the old buildings before the backhoe showed up. Managed to find a few items.