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little seax, p-weld with wrought iron

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Hello Everyone,
I have made a working sized seax with the blade shape roughly based on some museum pics. It has a 6" blade, a 4.25" handle. The spine is wrought iron (with a lot of character), the working edge is 9 layers of 1080 and 15n20,with a twist for looks.

I am hoping to move into longer stuff and more bars or more layers soon, when my hydraulic press gets shipped.

I think this is a pretty good little knife, in that it approaches a historicall shape. I am at a point where I can see my mistakes much better than I can fix them, so I am at times frustrated. But, I love this stuff, and hope to keep learning.

comments are welcomed. After all, I learn from you guys more than anyone else.

thanks for looking,


post-6461-017551500 1275795914_thumb.jpg

post-6461-067727800 1275795930_thumb.jpg

post-6461-054852200 1275795949_thumb.jpg

post-6461-017045100 1275795963_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the positive feedback. I have sort of gotten into this style lately. I will probably go for longer stuff and higher layers and/or more bars when the press gets here.

I orderd a press from Uncle Al's Riverside Machine. It seemed pretty good for the price, and he has a dedicated shop of support staff. I spoke with Ron Claiborne, and was probably going to buy one from him, but he is booked until around February. It was a close call in my eyes between them, but the time factor made the decision. I am a college prof, and my best time for bladesmithing is in the summer.

I still want to make viking period stuff, but I want to branch out some, too.


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i think you did good with that idea. the knife looks alot more angular and aggressive . really like the birds eye as well, my grandfather got a few planks...i'll have to hit him up for some after seeing this lol. thx for the reshow :)

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