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What a day

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I was on my home yesterday and I talked with Unkspike " Jeff" and told him when I got home I was goin to fire up the forge and make some hotdog Forks. Well it didn't happen.. what a day...It took me about eight to ten hours to go 22o miles from Memphis to Clarksville,Tn.. here's a video clip I posted on You Tube of my day..Tom

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Hey Tom

As soon as I saw the footage I knew why everyone was having problems, you were all driving on the wrong side of the road, no wonder you all had to go slow.

Seriously, that was a lot of water moving there. It was interesting that they were still letting traffic through, in Oz the coppers just shut the road these days and everyone just has to sit there, trucks, semi's and road trains included, till the cops figure its safe, which can run to days.

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