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25 pound little giant on craigs

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I found this on craigs today!


My money goes elsewhere or else I'd be putting it on the trailer tomorrow! :lol:
Just thought some of you guys might be interested!

Oh and if you tell the seller that I told you about him.......he will say "who?" LOL

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Dave, Get your Grandma to buy it for you, either that or try and make a deal for it. Lot of kit there. B)

I don't think the grandma thing would work.......they're already sending me to John Campbell! :D

I thought about offering $2000 or something. The guy would be insane to take me up on it, but if he happened to be insane at the moment so much the better. I'd still have the problem of not having anywhere to put it though. No cement pad or anything. In fact I wouldn't even be able to build the hood so that I could put the forge in the barn. So I'd be stuck at least for a year with the forge outside the barn and the hammer on the dirt inside the barn! :angry: No, I'll have to stick with the original plan. Shop: 14x26 pad, welding table, forge/hood, tire hammer, steel racks, big anvil, big vice! I can build the tire hammer (which delivers 50 pound blows) for probably less than $500. You just can't beat that with a stick!

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For a foundation, could one stack some cut down railroad ties into a pit, then anchor said power hammer to them?

probably, there is also a thread about doing without to get ahead as a business.

Could also pour a pad for just the hammer, so what if the forge is out the door for a season.

Lastly stick to your guns and do what you want and need.

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Pad for a 25 is easy. Did my first one years ago, 18"-24" deep hole large enough for hammer, rebar, bolts and mixed my own concrete, took half a day and very little $$. Hammer hit a lot harder than it did mounted on wood, over dirt. I've also seen a 25 LG out work a home made 50 air, and out work a few worn out 50 LGs. So don't think a little 25 LG will not get-r-done...;)

I just cut a 32x42 hole in my shop floor and dug out 3' deep and poured a new pad for a new 100lb LG :D Wasn't too bad, but had to rent some equipment and call the concrete truck. Bout $250 total cost.

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Pad for a 25 is even easier, just bolt the bugger to two RR ties laid cross ways and set in dirt and then drive in some long anchor pipes and clinch over, spread gravel or sand around ties. A 25 really doesn't need much of a base. If you were to offer him $2,000 it would be a good offer. As to a hood you could use a 55gal barrel cut long ways with a 16" duct up, use straping to hang for rafter, not pretty but it works. :blink:

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