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Hello From Moose Jaw, SK


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Hello My name is James Costley but some people call me Rain. I am 14. Ive only been smithing for a few months. I mostly make knives. I have a forge I got from my grandpa, which my grandpa got from the smithy near his farm when it closed down. My anvil is a piece of modified RR track. So far ive made 3 knives and, I am working on a fourth. If anyone has information on what you need, and how to obtain a permit for selling knives I would appreciate it if they told me.


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Good to see such eagerness in youth. If you like I have a small anvil you may have which I think will help you out alot because the face is flat and the top of the rail you are using is not. The face is about 6" and the horn 3" and it has a pritchel hole. There is a ding in the face probably from someone striking in with an axe, don't worry, just file it cold- DON'T WELD IT! The anvil is yours for the asking because it is of little use to me and I am very impressed with your eagerness, enthousiasm and accomplishments at your age, and for the sake of the craft itself because that is what it's all about. Send me a private message with your address aand I'll ship it to you. Good luck and keep on hammerin'

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Welcome aboard. There are more prairie people hammering away than you could ever imagine! I did a rough count of people who smith on a regular basis in your neck of the woods and came up with about thirty. My suggestion is to join the local Guild. Contact the guys in Swift Current (good bunch!) and watch them for a bit. As for a permit to sell knives - I don't know, though the local RCMP could give you some insight.
Now that you are smithing, doesn't the math, geometry and physics make more sense?

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