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  1. Nice little anvil.
  2. Nice work, cant wait to see the final product
  3. Two days ago my grandfather asked me if I was still working with metal. When I said yes he told me he had a scrap metal pile in one of his fields by the river. As soon as he was done saying this I got on my quad and drove down to the river. When I got there the first thing I noticed was an old forge, which with a little work and a new blower will work fine. Second I noticed a few oil drums filled with metal scraps. I took out the top layer of scraps and what did I find but a ton of R.R. spikes. I think I'll be busy now, and I'll post pics of the restored forge when im done.
  4. Thats a nice little knife. I like the handle.
  5. Thankyou for all the ideas. I think ill try the ballpeen hammer though. It sounds like the easiest way for someone with little experiance.
  6. My grandfather called me the other day and asked if i could make him a tomohawk. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to make a simple but nice looking tomohawk? thank you Jimi
  7. It came from bar stock. The end was heated so I could put a slight curve on it. I did the rest with a disk grinder and belt sander. I did not heat treat this one, it was just for practice in making a sword really. I could not get enough heat as this was out at my grandpas. I heated the tip with a gas welder held from a distance.
  8. This is a vegtable dicer/skinner/cut stuff with it blade. It was hand crafted from a tempered steel disk of unknown orgin. The handle was a steel rod I found on the floor of my shop. I got the idea from the tv.
  9. This is a sword I made a few weeks ago. I beleive its made of 1050. It has a natural oak handle. Natural meaning I found it on the ground outside. Please give me advice on how to improve on my next one. P.S. sorry about the bad picture quality, I didnt have my good camera on me.
  10. JimiRain

    Big Knife

  11. JimiRain

    First Knife

    A small knife I made at my grandpas
  12. Candidquality, I have gotten and read a few books from my library, but none of them go into details on bladesmithing. squeezplay, I started from bar stock, no idea on the steel type. Quenched in water, dont know what temper colour.
  13. JimiRain

    Big Knife2

    Another angle of Big Knife.