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I Forge Iron

dagger WIP

Ed Steinkirchner

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i forged this dagger a while ago to learn forging a double bevel, and how to heat treat this steel. the first pic shows the filework started on the guard, and the recess for the copper cut in the scabbard. the grip is wormy chestnut, the scabbard is mahogany, the guard is mild steel.post-1642-12695660717554_thumb.jpgpost-1642-12695661514316_thumb.jpgpost-1642-12695662035714_thumb.jpgpost-1642-12695663032047_thumb.jpg
more pics when i upload them from my camera.

Ed Steinkirchner

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the first part, i don't have pics of. a paper pattern was made so it would fit into the recesses in the scabbard chape and point. then they were roughly shaped and brazed shut. the point only half though, because of its curved cone shape. this is them in the muriatic acid pickling solution. you can see the gap in the point's joint.
here they are out of the acid
if you look you can see the marker marks, the arc shows the area to be drawn and the small line shows where it needs the most.
then the remaining gap is brazed and the point soldered on

here you can see the 3 copper parts, the point, and the chape, and the other part will be soldered on to the back of the chape and leather belt straps attached to the rings.
this is where the ring assembly will be attached on the back of the chape
here are the parts layed out, they still need some tweaking and final polishing and the scabbard needs carved, as does the grip. the guard has been filed and heat blued. the next pics will show the carving and the steps.post-1642-12695696795691_thumb.jpg

Ed Steinkirchner

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this dagger is nearly finished now that the handle is carved. i changed the guard because, by taking off the bluing, i think it ties everything together better. a will also replace the brass pin with a copper one. i would have made the handle mahogany lke the scabbard but i didn't have a piece the right size. all that needs done to finish it is to polish and permantly attach the copper parts, rivet on the handle, polish the blade, and make the leather belt loops.

the dimensions
scabbard is 8 inches (20.3cm) long
blade, guard to tip is 7 5/8 inches (19.4cm)
oal tip to butt is 12 1/4 inches (31.1cm)
blade width at the widest point 1 5/8 (4.3cm)

post-1642-020299700 1282093893_thumb.jpgpost-1642-071818200 1282094052_thumb.jpgpost-1642-009704200 1282094189_thumb.jpgpost-1642-075474200 1282094262_thumb.jpgpost-1642-062805600 1282094343_thumb.jpg

hope to finish soon

Ed Steinkirchner

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In my state (Massachusetts) one would go to jail not only for being in possession of that blade but also for making it. Then again , everyone knows that everything is illegal in Massachusetts.

Out of curiosity I decided to look up the MA laws... obscurely written! So tell me, where is the distinction between a sword and knife? The laws on the books seem to apply specifically to "knives", but what is a sword but an especially long knife that may (or may not) be dual-edged?

The dual-edged knife appears to be illegal (maybe... very convolted wording!), but no mention of dual-edged swords (though cane-swords are out heheh.)
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