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I Forge Iron

Damascus Knife

John Martin

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Nice knife.

A couple of suggestions on taking pictures. If you have a camera with a built in flash try to diffuse the light. I have used a yogurt container over the flash on my Canon 30D, others have used the translucent film canisters. If it is a point and shoot, a piece of tissue paper over the flash may work. With a swiveling flash you can bounce the light in order to get diffused lighting without hot spots in the picture.

Another method is to wash the whole area with light. Get a couple of lamps, and put them at opposite ends of the knife to eliminate dark areas/shadows. Watch out for the lamps creating hot spots, in which case a lampshade may need to be employed to soften the lighting.

As for backgrounds, it is best to have something simple that doesn't distract from the item. In this case, I may have looked into something in a tan color. Tan would show off both the light handle, and the dark blade better IMHO.

I picked up some tricks while having to photograph machine guns where I used to work. Surprising how different two pictures can look with simple lighting changes.

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