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I Forge Iron

nice forge on ebay

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just cruisin ebay wanted to give you guys the link on this

wish i could afford it dayton only a couple hours from here :(

ahhhhh someday :rolleyes:

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yah i thought it was a little high but from my limited experience it looks like its in great shape (gears in blower)not just the paint :P plus the extras coal,hood,hammer definitely wouldn't go any higher tho
moot point anyway no money=no more toys

but i guess i should ask what do you guys think its worth?

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Hay!!! that looks an awful lot like one I bought from a friend of mine a while back. Only I payed him that price and got a 100 lb Fisher anvil and about 35 lbs of coal in one lump deal. Some one told me that forge could possibly be a rivet forge from back in the day. As for the blower mine works fine no complaints. If you could get the price down a little would not be a bad deal. On mine I changed out the legs put two big 18 inch metal spoked wheels on it and made it portable with the idea of using it at fairs and such. The picture is before put the wheels on it.


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