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Tiller Tines?


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I have about 30 pounds of used tiller tines. These were bolt on tiller tines. They are about 1/8 inch thick on the back side. Does any one know if they will be good for knifes. I do not know how to tell the carbon content and I don't have an advanced shop. Please help me. Thanks Tyler

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Most tines were made from a spring steel to allow them to flex without snapping off, so I would say they shold be OK for making blades and other tools from.

As a general rule of thumb, think what the original application for the item you are considering to use, then that should give a good indication of what you can reuse it for

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Heat one up to non-magnetic and quench in water. Did it crack in quench? => high C; if not: Then WEARING PROPER SAFETY GEAR try to break it with a hammer---I generally either set it in a post vise or use the step on the anvil and tap it gently increasing force until it breaks or bends. How much force used is INVERSELY proportional to carbon content.

Another method is to grind it and check the spark spray---every welding text I have ever read had a spark/carbon chart in it.

Don't have a grinder? Perhaps you are not ready to make knives...

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Just to add a little to Thomas's post, please also wrap a cloth around the tool before hitting it, I think most of us do, but it becomes automatic, and it sometimes gets forgotten when passing on information

Having been nailed once by an accidental damage job, I try to eliminate possibilities from the intended ones, and the flying bits tend not to always home in on the safety gear being worn

Stay safe, and good luck on your forging journey

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