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Need help finding coal in Tenn

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I live in Eva,Tenn. that is on west bank of the Tenn River. I would like to find some coal to use that I can go get or have delivered for a good price. Not meant to be only for people from Tenn to answer.

All local Blacksmiths , TN, KY IL AL GA MO Please give me some direction or info on where yall get your coal at ans how much. I will drive to save a buck, but need your opinions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you go to your profile and add your location, it would help a lot in getting you good information. As Unkle Spoke says, Tenn is 3 states wide, and giving you information of the West end of Tenn does little or no good if you live on the East side of Tenn.

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I am willing to drive cross state or out of state also. I am not able after a disability to make my own charcoal anymore but never want to get away from my solid fuel forge.

I actually live in North West Tenn, in Benton County. Camden is the county seat, if that helps give you some direction. I dont mind buying in bulk if it is more efficent that way. Basically, WHERE DO YALL GET YALL"S COAL FROM AND HOW MUCH IS IT?

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Thanks Dave, I called them today and they dont sell it in a bag. Plus it is over 9 hours away to go get it.

Does anyone else know of somewhere else I might could purchase it or go get it that aint so far. I would drive up a pretty good ways to haul it on a trailer, but 9 hours one way is a little far.

Hope to hear back from some of yall soon, I thank you in advance for you help. Really nice folks on this site and I know yall have got the expericence to help someone like me.

God Bless you all

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