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"case hardening" copper?

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well i know the whole "copper doesn't absorb carbon like iron" thing, but if one was to take copper and encase it in a container like iron, but instead of carbon and carbonates, why couldn't one use either a tin ore or an amount of tin (pewter maybe) in the container, along with a small amount of carbon(to consume the O2)? wouldn't the surface turn to a hard bronze and the center stay copper? i don't know why i was thinking about this, there was a possible application, but i forget waht it was. an 18 year old shouldn't have this bad of a memory :wacko:

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Actually "colouring copper" by using zinc ores in contact with copper was quite well know and discussed by Biringuccio in "Pirotechnia" back in 1540.

However except for use for the colouring effects the cost of doing such things is generally more than the cost of just using the alloy in the first place.

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