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a seat for my old lady

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hey pascal - i thought i was going to see a seat too! love the stand though - wish i would make something better for mine (a log that the anvil slides about on coz its still not attached properly :() Nice one pascal - and nice anvil, looks unusual?

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They say that one picture says a thousand words.

The content contained in your pictures says thousands of words to me.
Some of what they say to me are:
1. They say that you are a very skilled craftsman, and someone I would like to learn from.
2. As they continue to speak to my understanding of values, they say that your attention to detail
and cleverness in design sets you apart as a craftsman!

I would like to be able to say that I was just as skilled as I see that you are back in my day.
But then I would have to debate with my personal ethics about the answer. :rolleyes:

Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing the results of your work.
Ted Throckmorton

PS. My Hay Budden 90# pounder, was born in 1913

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Ahh...I love the look of those French pattern anvils with the feet, I've seen the same being used in Brasil.
What kind of wood are the stumps? From here it almost looks like oak, or maybe hickory....I'm a bit jealous :-)

Currently my anvil is resting on a stump made from Douglas Fir, which is very abundant locally, but it's pretty soft and starting to split.....
You've given me plenty of ideas on how to remedy the situation



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