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ok so this guy come over two days ago and says he needs a xmas gift for a guy who helped him out in the big fire here in san diego a year ago .and he wants a knife can you have one by sunday night. LOL LOL i said no way in hell can i make one by then but i do have some knives sitting over on that shelve that i have not finished "about 10" maybe i could finish one of those for you .so he looks and brings this knife over and hands me 300.00 and say please finish this for me. i say yes sir because he just bought Darci MY 13 YO girl one nice pellet rifle for Christmas .Ok so much for the storys,this knife is a center core of 1095 with 88 layers of damascus its overall is just at 10" long with a 4 1/2" blade ,with 303 SS bolster,and a bocote handle with white liners.




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i say yes sir because he just bought Darci MY 13 YO girl one nice pellet rifle for Christmas.

I have daughters too. What an awesome gift - my wife would have a bird if I came home with a pellet rifle though...lol!

You'll shoot your eye out!

Who knows, maybe Santa will bring one some Christmas... I'll just play dumb, I'm good at that!;)

BTW... Very nice knife!
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That is a beatiful knife and I agree it is a bargain. Where do you get your stencils for your logo? Thanks William

its about the wifes finger nail polish i use the stencil" etch " then put the finger nail polish over it, then dip in FC for the blade etching then after use nail polish remover . and it gives it that look thats the only way you can see it with my damascus .
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well the knife left last night,the guy also brought me 10 tongs for forging all derf sizes he picked them up at one of the burnt houses in the big fire we had they need some oil and adj. tender loving care like hot fire LOL,but they will work just fine ,i sure liked that knife hate to see it gone but its going to a hunter so it will get used ,

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