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  1. well the knife left last night,the guy also brought me 10 tongs for forging all derf sizes he picked them up at one of the burnt houses in the big fire we had they need some oil and adj. tender loving care like hot fire LOL,but they will work just fine ,i sure liked that knife hate to see it gone but its going to a hunter so it will get used ,
  2. its about the wifes finger nail polish i use the stencil" etch " then put the finger nail polish over it, then dip in FC for the blade etching then after use nail polish remover . and it gives it that look thats the only way you can see it with my damascus .
  3. ok so this guy come over two days ago and says he needs a xmas gift for a guy who helped him out in the big fire here in san diego a year ago .and he wants a knife can you have one by sunday night. LOL LOL i said no way in hell can i make one by then but i do have some knives sitting over on that shelve that i have not finished "about 10" maybe i could finish one of those for you .so he looks and brings this knife over and hands me 300.00 and say please finish this for me. i say yes sir because he just bought Darci MY 13 YO girl one nice pellet rifle for Christmas .Ok so much for the storys,th
  4. hey everybody ,this is my first tomahawk its 1095 L-6,5160,15n20 150ish layers,i ran out of steel so i took little pieces of all my scraps and made this it started as a 1"x1 1/2"x 6" billet ,the overall is 12 1/2" the blade is 3"wide and the spike is 5 1/2" long and the blade is 5 1/2" long,the handle is 30" long great for two handed work the handle is bocote i had sitting around .its not done yet but want to show it off. forging it was easier than i thought it would be. i'm going to make more maybe smaller next time .
  5. don't mean to be rude but your the type of people that makes me not do the civil war stuff just to stuffy about the whole thing i've seen every type of gun knife weapon on civil war battle fields i'm sure they even used stick and stones to kill with ,LOL my wife does have a bowie"smashing period corect",sword 1862 ammes,three 1858 rems,and rides in a texas cal.group who uses cowboy stuff,so this little boot knife wont hurt anything and your right when out on the field none of them take there knives but when there walking around camp they just have fun,then there them guys that are running aro
  6. i started out with a 1/2" thick billet used a 1 1/4" wheel for the hollow grind then ground the handle from there.
  7. if i remember right they've be making damascus for like 1000's of years who to say someone in 1860's didn't have a damascus dagger LOL its more for the wife's boot no one will ever see it until she shows them and i figured it would be a good knife to get other people to want one of my knives.and she has it in the truck most of the time wouldn't want her carrying some 10"bowie around now would we.but yes she does have a 10" bowie also and a sword and two pistols .
  8. this knife i am just finishing its made from 1095,15n20 250 layers with bronze bolsters and elk for a handle the blade is 5 1/4" long 3/16th thick with two sweges on top . Clint www.ironarmknives.com
  9. OK just wanted to show you my last knife ,i made this for the wife made matching ring also but have not finished it yet this little boot knife is for her to have at her civil war reenactments and for the truck door ,its got a 4 1/4" blade and 10 1/2" overall about 50 layers of L-6 1095 hope you like .it is hollow ground with a 1 1/4" wheel. Clint www.ironarmknives.com
  10. Hi all this is my first post on this site and just wanted to show my first sword i made a few weeks ago its made from 1095,15n20,some L-6,and some pure nickel,and 5160 also i made a matching bowie from the same billet. the saber blade is 36" long hollow ground on the top half and flat ground on the lower half ,i yet have made a handle or hilt for it because i've never made a hilt so dont know how but i'm doing lots of reading. i have made knives for about 2 years now .just want to know what you think Clint WWW.ironarmknives.com
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