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What started it all....


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New to forum here and forging as well. I took a weekend course and this was the piece that started my new obsession...lol. (Never quite finished it, but one of these days.)

After quite a long wait, my shop is now almost ready to go! This is a great forum and I'm looking forward to spending some time here.



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Don't worry about the cast iron cookware, you just don't need it --- yet. When the need arises, you will be prepared :D I do a bit of cooking myself, and I have my Mom's Wagner, and Griswold cast iron pans, love em. The only one that I have not located yet was one that she called a Dutch oven. It is not like the standard Dutch oven, it was two standard deep pans that could be interlocked forming an oven.

Nice job on the shield crest.

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Welcome Paul!

You'll love it here for sure! Collecting all those "useful" items just goes with the territory so settle in and get comfortable with it.

I hear ya on cast iron cookware . . . I only use a wood-burning cook stove to make my meals and heat the house so it's all C/I for me - never met a piece of it I didn't like!

Post some shots of your shop when you get a chance - we love pics here!!

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I have two daughters (7 & 10)... the older one is almost more excited than I am waiting for the new forge to arrive - and that's with Christmas just around the corner!!!!!:) She just helped me lay a new brick floor in part of the shop and kept saying "this is so much fun!" Personally, I'm still hurt'n from moving all the bricks!:o

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