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Decided to take two days this week and work on a project I had been meaning to do but kept on putting off. I started with a RR spike, not my personal favorite material, and I wanted to do something a little different with it. The pictures didn't turn out the best, I think the flash really washed out some detail - for instance on the file work on the tang. Anyway, the handle is purpleheart which I oiled after initial sanding to bring out more dark brown with only hints of red and purple (was going for the density of the wood) and the sheath was just something I threw together on a whim just to try something new with cutting out leather designs. I tried something else new to me for spacer material - Original JB Weld mixed with metal filings - drilled some extra holes through the tang, roughed up the interior of the handle and spread it on - I had to use dental picks to clean out the file work while it was clamped but that was only 3 minutes worth of extra work. There was a fair amount of hammering to get it to the point it is, I left the head of the spike just so you could tell what the starting material was. I heat treated this as best I could without having the metal tested - it seems to hold an edge better than I expected and, after some cutting, there's a bare spot on my arm from the shaving test. Anyway, let me know what you think - I though it was a nice twist to the usual twisted handle rr spike knives I normally see people doing.





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thanks for the positive feedback! I thought the same thing about leaving the head pitted - adds a certain character that lets you know its 'roots', plus the wood handle was different than what most would expect on a rr spike knife and as an added bonus it adds just enough mass so it doesn't feel awkward in the hand. I showed this to someone yesterday evening and it sounds like it may be sold already - apparently his father in law is a huge collector of rr items and knives, a perfect pair! I just hate to let it go, I always become attached to pieces after I finish them.. heck, I don't even have a personal knife of my own! So maybe I'll head back to the shop this week and make another - if I can find another spike with the right look.. :)

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