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Hollow Base Anvil

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If you will go to the top f the forum page, click on user cp and enter your location it will help in getting you an estimated price. IForgeIron is visited by over 50 world wide countries each month so knowing if you are in Australia, Canada, UK, Peru, or where ever gets you better information.

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The Buel (sp?) patent anvil had a hollow to allow for more through hardening of the face as I recall.
(That doesn't look like the one on their patent application though.)

Note that many farrier's anvils have tried to lighten the weight to be carried about---even a modern one with an Al base to it!

May I strongly suggest you see if you can ILL a copy of "Anvils in America", Richard Postman at your local library---then you will have as much info on weird anvil variants as most of the rest of us!

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