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Is this vise any good for blacksmithing?


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Generally you want a post vice, because they transfer more of the force to the floor, instead of all being soaked by a machinist vice, where you can actually eventually break it :/ It'll will work for most things, and is a good investment, but a postvice is what has always been used for blacksmithing.

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That is a machinist vise, not so good for blacksmithing as it can not stand up to the pounding, twisting, etc that is associated with blacksmithing.

Well maybe not quite that big, but if you can find one grab it.

This is more the size you will find in a blacksmith shop.

True price for a vise will give you an idea of what the price should be.

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The answer is: it depends on the size of stuff you plan on making, and how much force will be applied to the vise. Machinist vises can be a costly investment, so to purchase a second vise later will add to what you spend on vises. I would advise trying out some vises that other folks have in their shops to see what works best for you. Additionally, some machinist vises allow for a wider range of positioning. So if you are going to invest in a machinist vise for the purpose of knifemaking, you might wish to consider one with a round instead of square slide(name?) so that you can take advantage of that positioning option.

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Price tag is important too. I only have an old 4 inch Craftsman vise of that style that I use. I bend with it and I twist with it. They can take those non-impact tasks well. I will even use a hammer lightly and carefully, they do not take hammering well. It was given to me by my dad who considers it small. He used it for years till some of the fasteners stripped out. Some kid (me) overtightened the swivel lock. I was about 10 at the time. Dad felt it was a good excuse to upgrade to a 6 inch vise instead of spending $0.50 on new fasteners, and about 30 min checking length and cutting/filing them neat. 25 years later I make the repair to the vise I damaged as a kid!

Yes I am looking for a good post vise. I want this bench vise to survive a long time.


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