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I thought you all might get laugh out of this one. :D
I was working in the back yard at my forge making a few things promised to a friend plus making a new tool I needed. My wife came home early from work so when I went in she said that something outside smelled really bad and even our small dog smelled like it. Will my first thought was something had died in the backyard and the dog had rolled in it. Then I asked her did it smell like sulfur and she said yes. With relief and a laugh I told her it's the coal from my forge she is smelling but to me it kind of smelled good. :o She though it was disgusting but she's a city girl what can I say. I guess maybe it's a sign I'm meant to be a blacksmith if the smell of burning coal smells good. ;)

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I dunno... my wife like the smell of burned coal and hot leather.... the smell of aromatic hydrocarbons... she just likes how they smell. She dose not like the smell of burned hair however... so needs must I to be careful of that....

I wish I had some advice to help you out... beside don't scorch the dog ( yes we set our old dog smoking while forge welding one day.... she never went into the shop again.. she would lay outside and stare at my Dad from the doorway...) that is not a good way to get on the wife's good side. Either make her something pretty or make some thing that can let you get her something pretty....

Good Luck

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I got this coal from an on line dealer and in truth only smokes big when I first start the fire up or throw new coal on the fire. The smell does kind of linger in the air or it did this day which all in all is no real problem if the neighbors don't complain. As for the wife this was the first time she ever said anything as this was not my first time working outside. I think we must have been under some type of low pressure with very light wind which kept things close to home. As for the dog he has very long hair which attract and holds everything but he's in the house most of the time. It's my big lab that got burned trying to be with me when working. A spark popped out and hit him on the back I saw it coming but he was up and gone before I could help. So now he lays outside where I work if he's out with me.

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My wife really didn't like me forging in the backyard at first (I use charcoal), then I made her a leaf key ring and she thought that was great. Then I told her I'd make her a calla lilly candle holder set, and another key ring resembling a treble clef symbol (she's into music) and all I can say is WOW! Complete 180 degree turn around. Try making her something that's pretty that she can look at and/or use on a daily basis, then the complaints of the coal smell may subside. (get her to show her friends the things, too).

Just some thoughts,

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We once had a guest preacher at church that was a bit more "Hell-Fire and Brimstone" that is usual for us. During his sermon he said that when we were tempted to do something we should turn our heads and sniff because we'd probably smell a whiff of sulfur smoke from the devil standing behind us.

My wife burst out laughing because as she later told us that this had happened to her several times; but it was always *me* standing behind her and smelling like coal smoke...

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You know Thomas I sometimes get the feeling of hell fire and brimstone too when I'm working. I was raised in an old time Baptist Church and the thought just can't help but pop up. Some how if you could pull it off having the smell drift thought the church would make a great way to drive a point home.

Matt87 no, I get the most smoke when I add fresh coal to the fire. I know I'm suppose to work from the sides but like a kid playing in the fire I'll sometimes add more fresh as the mound starts to shrink and I'm to inpatient to do the right thing.

Chrisfrick that's a good idea and I'll have to come up with something I can make to do as you said. Only trouble is I'm still very new and small things with detail I have not tried much. I have several designs of crosses I have been wanting to try maybe I can work something out of one of those. Been doing larger things like cooking forks, fire place pokers, and hot dog sticks my experience with small hooks and such still need work as I need to learn to read the fire better. I tend to get it to hot or not hot enough and need to work on my hammer technique as well. I just need more practice.

For now my work has come to a halt till I make a coal run though. I have discovered a place that sells coal but the ton, 1/2 ton, or 5 gal bucket. It's about 3 hours from me and has to be done during the week as they are closed on weekends. Not quite sure of the quality but it's suppose to be blacksmith grade will see in a week or two.

Thanks for all the thoughts folks

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