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Greetings to all members--

I am new to the blacksmithing game...took a few classes and loved the act of creating something beautiful and durable. Starting up with some scrounged materials from my dad (the packrat). I looked over the gallery and am amazed by the skill showcased there. Can't wait to try my hand at a few of the projects. Hope I can do them justice. The weather is starting to get chilly here...are there any limits to when I can work outdoors (besides my own lack of personal fortitude)? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Jen Butterfly

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Welcome aboard Jen, glad to have ya.

There are few things in life as satisfying as making something with your own two hands. When the things you make are from the very foundation material of human civilization AND you do it with mankind's oldest tools, fire, hammer, eye, hand and brain it feels good. Of course it does you're treading on a bit of Gods territory.

How severe the weather you're willing to suffer for the pure joy of making STEEL dance to your tune is up to you. I know there have been times I didn't even want to open the shop door but did anyway. Inside was so dark and cold I just wanted to close the door and go back inside but didn't. It seemed somehow too much trouble to light the forge and warm the anvil. The tongs cold cutting through my gloves to make my hands ache, my nostrils freezing shut at a sharp breath.

A few hours later, stripped to my shirt a day's winter doldrums past and beaten I wander back to the house satisfied, content, another day closer to springs rebirth.

I'm a hobbiest.


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Welcome to the group
What part of MN are you from. I live in the southcentral at Franklin.
What group did you take classes with.
The guild of metalsmiths are having there fall conference this month near hastings if you dont know about them.
I may not be able to attend or only for part of Saturday.
If you attend look for me in any case, I would be filming Garrett if I do go.
I have to work the night befor and night after and have a 2.5 hour drive

Roger Degner

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I am in the southeast corner of the state (Rochester) and took classes with John Adams through the community education offerings. He's a wonderdful man-superbly patient- and was happy to have my sister and I in the class. I am working in the backyard setting up my forge. Got the name of Virgil Meyer in Burnsville to try to get coal through. He cleans out the coal barges and sells the remains that aren't pure enough for power generation. That is the word on the street, anyway. I have yet to contact him.

I will look into the conference...if I am not working I would love to attend.

Jen Butterfly

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Richfieldsmith, the Guild of Metalsmiths holds three intro to blacksmithing classes each year. Each class is 4, 1 day sessions and it is held at the Minnesota School of Horseshoeing in Anoka. I am an instructor in the second (B) class. The classes fill up quick. I am not sure if any slots are still open. It is a great class to have and pretty-much the prerequisite to all of the other classes sponsored by the Guild (and there are a lot of them :-)... PM me if you want additional information or I can help in any way.

Good luck. Hope to see you soon.

Dan Kaschner

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John Adams is having a hammer in Oct 3/4 betrween stewartville and Spring valley at the mill. More info at The Guild of Metalsmiths then go to the forum link.
I may bring my air hammer.
John may do an axe not sure what else is scedualed.
Bring a hammer and pound something.
I will do a few one piece roses our of round stock
Nathan will fire up the 500 LG for something.

There was a small group there last week end working on the gate/fence and hinges for the barn. Nathan was using the 500# hammer to tapper the hinges.

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