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long time reader first time writer :)


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I have been reading post for along time and i have the bare min of tool that include an anvil and some hammers and a forge i made out of a BBQ grill im in springfield MO and looking for someone to learn from. I am most intrested in bladesmithing but i understand there is alot of the basics i need dto get down first.
A bit about me. I am 25 and served in the Air Force for 5 years as a bomb tech and am now in school paid for by the VA and planning for a job at the NGA (most dont know what that is so dont feel bad www.nga.mil )

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hi there uralone - i didnt either ! just had a look. sounds cool:) and complicated! hope you enjoy the forum there are loads of people willing to share their years of experience and their skills so you came to the right place - hope you put some pics up of your work when you get going :)

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Welcome aboard Uralone, glad to have you.

I hadn't heard of NGA but that doesn't surprise me, sounds like an interesting job choice. Depends on just what you're doing of course but it sounds like there's more potential there than oh say the accounting dept. ;)

You may be reducing steel to scrap but you aren't wasting it in any sense of the word. There's only one way to learn a manual craft and that's do it, make the mistakes, evaluate, adjust and carry on.

If we were forced to keep ALL our mistakes you'd be able to judge a blacksmith's (Or any craftsman's for that matter) experience and expertise by the size of the pile of education. (scrap/junk pile)

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it can make a big difference. IFI is represented by members from more than 50 countries and a lot of info is location specific. Also, if local folk know you're around they can invite you to gatherings, tip you to tool deals and offer hands on help.


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Welcome to I forge Iron
If you still live in Missouri, try to find these people!
Blacksmiths Association of Missouri - BAM

You are correct about finding a blacksmith to work with, in that he/she will set you on the right path pretty quick.
I believe you

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