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The best moveable post vice stand I've used was medium sized truck rim filled with concrete. The bracket was bolted to a plate on a pole in the middle of the rim. It was portable in that we unbolted the vice and moved the rim and the vice seperately. REAL cumbersome.
Seems like the more portable they are the less stable they are. Some demonstrators I've seen use a tripod kind of affair with a plate they stand on while using the vice. Worked ok for small stuff but heavy bending was tough. Had to have someone stand on one of the other legs.

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I use a drill press stand for a table top drill press that I got from sears cut a piece of plate for the top and a piece of 4"x4" with a hole in the side for the leg. works well and if you neef to apply extra force just put your foot on the tube.

I just have it attached with bolts and wing nuts.

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I fully admit I made mine based on photos others had shared.
I use it whenever I travel and it has really reduced the size of my portable setup.

Tripod Vise - a set on Flickr

the most important part of welding this up is the leg hinges

drill both the hinge holes through the steel for each leg

weld one of them at the proper angle and then bolt the leg and the other piece with a hole to the leg and make sure it's as tight as you want and that the leg can rotate the way you want.

then weld a third spanner piece in to span between the second hinge piece and the main shaft as you can see here S6300296 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

this and mounting of the chain so that it can't slide up and down takes most of slop out of the tripod stand


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Unable to do pictures at the moment, but I will try an splain this the best I can. Dad built one during welding class at the local JC. They had a big stack of 24" diameter rounds that are 2" thick. Used one of those for the base. The vertical was a piece of 8" schedule 40 pipe with a 3/4" plate on top. Plate has a hole in case ballast needed to be added later. Rolls pretty easy on concrete when tipped on edge, not so well on outside surfaces. I just moved it the other day by dragging it with the Saturn wagon :D Total weight is somewhere North of 300# total cost was $.10 a pound, welding rod was included in the tuition cost.

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I used a front wheel drive rim with a LOT of offset. Welded in a 3" piece of pipe with a plate on it.
Since my vise is a PEG LEG, (broke of with just a 3" stump.), I used a piece of 1" black iron as a prosthetic and welded on a small plate on the bottom to act as a foot, heated up the end and drove it on the stump.
Mounted the vice on the plate and filled the rim with about 100 lbs of concrete.
While it does move around under large amounts of stress, for normal use it is just fine.


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