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  1. I'm with double_edge2 - I would start with a flatter then file, sand, buff, polish to your heart's content!
  2. I know two people that can not ware a ring to work, a welder and a police officer. Both have a ring tattooed on their finger. They ware the real ring when they can, but the tattoo is there when the real ring is not. Just remember, you can't just take the tattoo off. Always found it ironic that a police man can not ware a wedding ring on patrol but a tattoo is okay.
  3. Thanks everyone for all your help! Bob
  4. Don't know if this should be in tools or not but I'll give it a go here first. Does any one here have a source for the flat sided handles for the Hofi style hammers? I've got two hammer making classes with Brian Brazeal coming up and I would love to find some good handles. Thanks
  5. How good you are at scrounging materials.... and how accessible the materials are that you need make a big difference in price. In my area if you can scrounge most everything parts could run $1000.00 If you have to buy retail for most everything $1500.00 or more.
  6. Brian, Expand on this. What are some of the other tools you would recommend? Thanks, bobinbama
  7. Anyone have any experience with a #30 or #35 Kerrihard hammer? This one is for sale and is in really good shape. Any thoughts on the limits of what I can work with this size hammer and / or on the hammer in general? Thanks, Bobinbama
  8. Very Nice! I'm looking for an old rasp now!
  9. So the shank and the heal band are one piece? Or is the shank welded on?
  10. Try contacting Bob Alexander in MO. He took over the treadle hammer plans from Clay Spencer. Check your PM's In-Line Treadle Hammer
  11. Shipping containers work great. We use them on the job site for storage all of the time. We set two of them 20' apart and have a aluminum frame and tarp system that sets on both containers and covers the center work area. You can even get a container with a side door that would open to the work area. They are a little expensive to buy, here they run about $2,500.00 but when you consider building a whole shop...
  12. I look forward to the day that I have something to use in the place of my #110 - HF ASO but it'll have to do for now.
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