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copper that went through shop fire


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Now, I put my roofing copper through the forge when I am doing fold forming, but the long 'cold' fire of the smithy fire I had a few months back turned the roll of copper brittle.

Is there any cure for this? I tried annealing it, but it was still unusable.

Any use other than scrap buyer for this?


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How hot did the copper get?

Did you burn it up is why it is bad
Get it too hot and it is junk

Copper gets as soft with a slow cool as a quench.
Whith a quench yo get to work it sooner

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I agree with Frosty. I just read about this stuff and O2 is the problem. Not sure how to fix it. Copper is annealed in either an oxygen free atmosphere or a vacuum during production, pending the final use. Most us us do not have access to a high temperature bell jar to control atmosphere gasses. You only need something like 800F for a few hours (look up for yourself please) so an electric kiln may work being fed from a nitrogen bottle. No promises so try a sample first. May still be scrap.


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