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I Forge Iron

Hello from the Nevada desert

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Hello from the desert of Southern Nevada where we don't need a forge 3 months of the year, because you can get the steel hot enough by leaving it out in the sun for a couple of minutes :D

I did a little blacksmithing back in Northern CA with my Dad. Dave Nourot was my instructor at the Solano Community College. Didn't do much after Dad passed away in 2000. Since I have moved to Southern Nevada I have gotten the bug to do some more smithing. For equipment I have a Champion 400 coal forge, 206# Fisher, 260# Swedish, 150?# Hay Budden I just bought, and a unknown anvil in the 125# range, I have a few post vises, a treadle hammer Dad made, and a couple of forges I just picked up at an estate sale along with the Hay Budden anvil. One is a Buffalo, The second is another Champion. I have quite a few tongs, hardies, and a Big Ass pile of metal, so I am pretty well set, just need to get going. I got some coal with the newest forges, but have been unsuccessful locating a local supplier.

Looking to do some copper, and brass items since I have a steady supply of shorter rods from where I work. Always been interested in knives, so I will be doing that too.

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Welcome aboard Doc, glad to have ya.

There's a thread listing coal suppliers here but charcoal is an option either to buy or make yourself.

And you're right, you have enough stuff time to lay some iron in the sun and get to beating on it. ;)


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