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3rd Knife.... Finished !


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Its been a while coming but ive actually managed to get round to finishing my 3rd knife.

I love the forging, and playing with pattern welding but have a pretty low attention span when it comes to finishing them!

This one is a mono steel, forged from EN24 ( 817m40 ) , this steel is TOUGH, (Ill put a few WIP pics here, and the finished blade in the next post due to photo restrictions)

Started out life as a slice from a 3" bar,. a tickle on the power hammer (anyang 25kg) and she looked like this,.. starting to form the tip on my pride and joy (226lb P.W, in near new condition! ) a few heats later ready for the grinder....





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a tickle on the grinder, and a heat treat later and its ready for a handle...
nitrile rubber liners, and some work with the sandpaper and ill call in done....
fin! about 20 - 25 hours work total, but enjoyed it all





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photos way to large, and on foriegn server
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Hey guys, thanks for the positives!

I welded the slice of bar onto a handle, then forged down onto it (squashing the circle), every few hits turning it 90deg and flattening again.

It took 6 or 8 heats to go from circle to flat bar. In all honesty I could have probably done it in 2 heats, but wasnt in much rush, and sometimes you just feel the metal doesnt want to be moved that quick. EN24 is tougher than woodpecker lips, even at a good heat, and I diddnt want to shear the stick weld between bar and handle (the weak link in the chain!).

Mike, the nitrile rubber sheet (1.5mm thick) is just used as the liners between the wood and steel. It gives a definate extra bit of grip to the handle (and I had no other liner material! ) Hope the pic helps,.



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