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I Forge Iron

Lessons in Indiana


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A grand hello to all. I have been reading and following along for almost a month now and I am so happy to know that there are folks with good common sence and a love for the old way of doing things, aswell as new ways to do old things; or what have you. Either way, I've had friends over the years that have introduced me to forging and I've had a couple of chances to put hammer to steel and anvil, and loved it. The bug has hit me very hard of late, I think mostly because I live in a house with three girls and smithing just feels manly. Anywho before I write a book. With old friends long gone I was wondering if there was anyone in the west central indiana area that had a forge and an inclination to teach?

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Welcome aboard Dross, glad to have you.

I am sure there are folk close to you willing to lend you a hand, we all need more playmates. Reinforcing the infection is one way to make sure a new addict is well and truly hooked you know. ;)

And YES, playing with fire, hitting things with hammers, noise, smoke, grime, danger and all the rest, manly, VERY manly indeed.

Not saying the lady smiths onboard are manly, oh no, not at all. . . erp. . . choke choke. . . gaaassp. ;)


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