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kohlswa anvils

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hey guys,
anyone know where someone could pick up a kohlswa anvil?
the website says that Kentucky Horseshoeing School is a distributor but i called and they havent got any in 2years they say.
scared of the shipping from sweden so just curious if anyone had a source.
thanks !!!

Well, you could always search Ebay in America and see if they got some.
I got mine 220 pound Kohlswa anvil form a really nice mister that has LOADS of anvils.

So, my advice is to search the net in America and have a look at some places, i have seen some anvils on for sale at a war reactment:o here in The Netherlands. You'll never know when you see one:)
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thanks for the idea, for some reason i forgot about ebay , there's one there now for 1200 USD 290 lbs but im gonna wait, just saw that post on rhino anvils gonna take a hard look at those and keep thinkin.
best to ask the wife too hehe, though i probably already "no" the answer to that question :0

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Keep in mind "forgivness is easier obtained than permission".:) but scalps are fairly hard to grow back! You will pay HIGH$$ for anyblacksmith tools on eBay. Most go for what you can buy a new anvil in perfect shape. Seems anvils in your area should be reasonable and somewhat easy to find, Check the BluePrint by Thomas Powers on how to obtain an anvil. (works for everything else, not just anvils) Join a blacksmith group in your area, probably the best way to 'find' an anvil. Good luck.

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good advice Thomas , I actually am a member of the psabgsc, (phillip simmons artist blacksmith guild of south carolina) in fact thats where i got my first anvil, but i am frustrated with it , its been repaired, but its beat up and i didnt see a crack in the horn until it was too late, (about an 1.5 inches broke off when i was working last week.) so im looking like everybody else... blacksmith depot is about a hour drive, and its tempting to break out the credit card but I'm still gonna keep looking before i go with that option. I really shouldn't spend that kinda money right now :)

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