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What a 10yr old can do

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On the weekend my youngest fella, Ruairi, had a go at an S hook made from a horse shoe. He straightened it, I welded the toe clip down, he re-sectioned it to a squarer profile, we did the twist, I showed him one taper, he did the other, I showed him one hook, he did the other.

Overall I only did some of the cleaning up but he really did 85% of the work. Great work for a little fella.

My eldest, Connor, is working on a miners candle spike which I will proudly display when he is finished.

A VERY proud father

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Fantastic......As a father to see my boys in the forge with me is a very proud moment and for what has been said before, what they and I make will last a very long time and will hold priceless memories. Great stuff all the best cheers Bully

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What a terrific day. I had to look awfully close to see what I think are less skilled marks and guess which are which. I wouldn't want to put money on it though. A few more years and you'll be asking him for tips.

The best times in my life were working with Dad, for him too I think.


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That's what I say to them Frosty. Especially when they move in on the forge after I get it going and only get half an hour at the anvil before they push me out. Sometimes I think they are cuckoos :) But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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