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terra cotta pot forge?


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Any body ever thought about trying this for a fuel such as charcoal? i was at wally world the other day wondering around the garden section when i noticed how fairly inexpensive these pots were. if i could find one the proper diameter that wasnt to deep i was thinking enlarge the drainage hole and use that for the blast hole line it with refractory and away we go only thing i dont know is if the pot would crack a forging temp even if it were lined any ideas?

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When I built my first forge it was made from an old dry sink.

I used clay form the local creek and had a piece of pipe with a lot of holes as the air input. I had it horizintally on the bottom of the foge and ran a ramf0d inside it to control the length of the fire.

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yeah im not real good at identifyin clay in the area were i live i think im gonna end up using furnace cement for my refractory any sugestions on how thick? ill probably do at least a couple inches on the bottem to shallow up my forge a little as of right now as just a grill shell id estimate it to be about 7 inches deep at least

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