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Starting Again...

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Hello... Again.

I started an account on iForge at least a year ago, and proceded to complete only one post... which was the introduction. I recieved a warm welcome, and was fired up to talk to others with the same interests. However, life got the better of me. Until now, at least.

Having gotten through two semesters of school, getting married, and finding steady employment... I'm back!

My name is Amy, and I love to smack things with a hammer.

Having now gotten that off of my chest, I might just wander over to the tail-gating section. It seems, now that I've gotten back into the swing of things, that I will be needing to locate and purchase a good forge.

Back to stay,

theYTmassacre :rolleyes:

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Once you check the tailgate section I suggest finding a blacksmithing group near you. There you can find live tailgating and possibly find what you need, (if you don't find it here that is). Also a good way to learn this fine art. Congrats on the marriage, hope you have a LONG and HAPPY life together, and welcome once again.

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Ahh! I was feeling a might memory challenged there. Seeing as she posted to the forum once a year or so ago and YOU pick up like you'd only talked to her a week ago or something.

Thanks for taking the pressure off, I feel much more average now. ;)


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