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Hello Everyone

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Hi there everybody. I'm new to all of this and have been reading everything I can find voraciously. I don't have any tools, anvil, tongs, and the like yet, but I'm looking around for good deals.
I have a background in drafting, construction/carpentry and feel these skills will serve me well. I love working with my hands. I did a stint in corporate America and really didn't like it very much.
I have been studying technique, materials and tools for a while now and as soon as circumstances allow I will be setting up a forge/shop and get going.
I am primarily interested in blade smithing but after reading and going over allot of the things on the site by Uri Hofi I am inspired to do other things as well.
Making my own tools, decorative and structural pieces, who knows.
Anyway, this is my first post and I hope to meet some great people and make new friends here.

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Welcome to I Forge Iron, its best to start learning general smithing skills, before moving on to any specialized field, such as blade work. Read enjoy, and try to hook up with smiths close to you and you are well on your way.

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Thanks Steve, I appreciate it. I had come to understand what your saying, getting used to how the iron moves, feels, responds to working will help me greatly. I have a few little starter projects in mind when i get ready to start, hopefully helping with that. Thanks for responding to my post.

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