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I Forge Iron

Dave from Diller


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I just stumbled upon this site from over at bladeforums.com. I'm currently a member of the PBA which I see has its own sub-forum here. I can't believe I didn't know more about this site. Eric Klaus is currently working as an editor for the PBA site, those interested should check it out. I will pass word along to Eric to include this site in an upcoming news letter.

Bladesmithing and pounding hot iron are passions of mine.


Dave from diller

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Hello Dave, I won't mention your last name, but I am Jr. of the PBA, if you check your back issues of the Newsletter, it has been mentioned many times, and Randy among others is a member here, in fact the PBA site was the first Smith Orginazation that had a sub forum as you call it on IFI, since 2006.

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Sam good to hear from you. Actually your the one that pointed me in this direction. Thanks.

Irnsrgn, Mr. Stalder speaks very highly of your work. I think I've only had the honor of meeting you once at a PBA conference.

Thanks for the warm welcome.


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