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What the Heck is That?


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Got or find a tool that you have no clue as to what it is?. I think we've done this b4 but might have lost it in the "crash". So, lets give it another whirl! I'll light this candle :)
Landlord found this on a new property of his and gave it to me. We have no clue as to what it is or used for. Looks like a bolt cutter at first but evidently does some sort of dimpling or puching by the looks of the jaws.




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that is obviously a brazil nut cracker!

Those things have terrible hard shells...

...no really, that's got to develop a lot of force with those long handles and gearing...

a specialty tool for farm machinery or equipment?

What sorts of "industry" are in your neck of the woods?

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There is a little farming in my area (Nebraska), he he. The rounded "bit" would punch a nasty hole. I was guessing some sort of dimpleing. Bit appears to be replaceable. Yup, been brazed or welded in three places. Has had a hard life LOL. I plan to put it in my "Gallery of Wonderments!" :)

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