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    i am an ozzy
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    smithing, music, woodwork, muscle cars and being a dad
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  1. for ease i reccoment a MIG welder, hit the surface to be welded with a sanding disk to clean the oxide off to help it fuse better. or tack it all up and hit it with a wire buff where it is to be welded. TIG is an Excellent option, not as quick as MIG, but much more astetically pleasing and possibly stronger. i majority of the time, MIG weld. there is also the option of pop rivetting it together on an aluminium angle frame? best of luck personal prefference, i like Lincoln, CIG, WIA and Kemmpi welders. Kemmpi are an expensive machine, but have a digital memory bank preset upto 99 settings, can weld STICK, MIG and TIG. very reliable, and have a 2t 4t trigger setting. also for welding alumium with a MIG welder you will require a (push/pull) aluminium handset specific to the perpous.
  2. hope all goes well mate, best of wishes to her and the family,,,
  3. hey all, welcome to IFI from Australia. hope you go well on here. good luck thanks from brett
  4. hey all, welcome to IFI from Australia. hope you go well on here. good luck thanks from brett
  5. Brett

    Leg Vice

    hey all, this is my leg vice, i picked it up for $30 its in good nic too... from brett
  6. hey all i got in contact with them and they are in melbourne victoria... Dale and strines territory. theyre lookin at afew places out there. thanks from brett
  7. Hey peoples Where abouts in Oz are yas? im in perth Western Australia. theres quite afew of places round to do it. try lookin up yer local blacksmiths association. im Also 16 but a bloke. im also a member of the blacksmiths association, along with Some other people on here... and AINT NO REASON A CHICK CANT BE A SMITH!!! met a blacksmith lady at one of the places i went to round here,, cant remeber where, but she did some fantastic work... and theres afew lady smiths on here too.. We had a young gal who was 13 stop by the blacksmiths Associaiton of W.A during the Royalshow. she was right into it. wanted to signup, but there is an age limit of 16 which is for insurance reasons, but she said shell be back when she's old enough. ifn youse is in perth area feel free to stop in sometime. once you try it you'll be hooked its great fun just be sure to wear long pants and a long sleved shirt, coz theres sparks and hot coals and scale going everwhere. and enclosed shoes. ok thanks from brett
  8. thanks folks, very interesting. they use wire feed/MIG welders there, there is a afew TIG welders around the place, i wouldnt mind learning to use one of them, they use Argon gas, i know that much... ive only used a little gassless MIG my dad owns, have no idea bout the different wires, also had no idea of the grades of alluminuim, thanks Thomas thanks Stu, didnt know you had to pre heat for welds... i know they will teach me all this in there,, i just dont want to hurt my self, others or damage the equipment... thanks from brett aka pcII75
  9. hi all, i have recently applied for an apprenticeship at Austalships in Western Australia building aluminium vessels, i was wondering since there are so many welders here there would be a chance some have welded aluminuim and would be able to give me some tips/pointers, it would be much appreciated if someone would be willing to tell me something, thanks from brett aka pcII75
  10. Brett

    New Baby!

    Good job bloke!!! shes a biggun. glad it went well... best wishes to your and your family and what cha want for chrissy? ok cya bloke congratz from brett (pcII75)
  11. nice score bloke. for the hood ornament think of doing an anvil to whack on it? or mabey a big hammer... a mandrel cone. (going on the unicorn idea) mabey a big spike need a parking spot?? anyways. you'll think of somethin. from Brett AKA pcII75
  12. i still say mines better mick.... mine can light fires...
  13. Brett

    Hi Peeples

    hey bloke. welcome aboard from Brett from perth W.A look foward to meeting ya on here see look, another Oz man,,,, told ye we was comin outta the... well, woodwork aint reall the appropriat term,,,, em... we;s comin outta the iron work,,, and we're EVERYWHERE!!!! thanks from brett aka pcII75
  14. hey Mr. Hofi. congrats on the award,,, good job bloke... youre a good bloke and deserve it greatly thanks from brett aka pcII75
  15. Brett

    Brett (pcII75)

    hey all... this is me... man.... i nearly died of fright when i saw this pic stairin back at me!!!
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