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is this power hammer fixable?

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Hey everyone. I just had a guy offer to sale me a power hammer for $2000.00 US dollars. I would Love to have a power hammer, but I do not have the facilities or equipment to do major repair work on one. I was able to take a few pictures of it while I was visiting and was looking for some feedback on what I consider to be major flaws in it. I admit I could be wrong. It is a 50lb Little Giant and everything seems to be in good shape except for the anvil part of it. On both sides of where the die seats in the anvil, both sides are broken off. Opposite sides of each other. I have included pictures of it. My question is... Can it be fixed and is it worth it?
Thanks ahead of time for any responses.






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maybe they pounded the die key in with a 20lbs sledge... yikes:o

it would be a heck of a job to fix... i'd save the 2k for a decent hammer or a real rebuild from LG hammer...... the price for this one is terrible.... try 150 bucks:mad:

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Another red flag is that the whole hammer looks dry and dusty. If it'd been properly lubed there should be oil drooling out of everywhere. I'd suspect all kinds of things to be worn loose from those photos. $500 and figure on a lot of rebuild.

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I would cut the top off the anvil and bolt or cut a dove tail for a sow block. This was a sugjested to for my hammer by Sid from Little Giant. In the end I did not need to do this but that hammers anvil is a problem. The rest of the hammer seems in good shape if you could take the bearing caps off to see if there any flat spots on the shaft. I would not pay 2k for this machine.


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