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  1. Well as long as it is working with the two valves again. The slow Creep up is most likely a small leak internal or otherwise. You could link the two mini valves together to move them at the same time, but with as loose as everything is you most likely engage them some times, then almost miss them other times. If you could find a way to remove some of that side to side slop it would make the machine a lot more consistent and easy to tune. Thanks for the video.
  2. I remember your first post, hate to hear you are having problems. Why are you dropping back to one mini valve? You can most likely leave the second valve plumbed in, just tie it around back. Frosty is right dried out seals and lack of oil are a good place to start. On the Big Blu if you reverse the control line on the mini valve or on the spool valve by accident it will do just as you describe. If you cant get it post pictures and re-post the diagram. We can help, Utility hammers do run off magic and fairy dust after all, you just may be doing the wrong incantation.
  3. Just that we are always diligently looking for a better way. As it is with allot of thing though, the older simple method wins out. As of today I don't think there is a system for guiding a hammer head than brass oil and steel, at least not that will hold up and has near the value. That is all I meant.
  4. Not only does some plastic take on different lubricants, it pretty much all will absorb metal dust over time. your Gibs get bigger and bigger over time. Brass Gibs are the way to go... for now.
  5. Looks much better. With the hammer dwelling for a while at the bottom (We call this the finite delta time) you may just need to move the bottom trigger or mini valve up some so the hammer has to stretch to hit the material. The hammer never gets into a natural rhythm if the valves are two far apart. That natural rhythm where the head hits air cushion on either top or bottom will make it easier to use IMO. Great to see the videos, Thanks for posting them! Here a chart of what we shoot for as ideal form from a few years back.
  6. You should buy a Blu hammer..... but you shouldn't listen to me. No matter what you buy your work is a reflection of the tools you use. Make sure your hammer face is nice and your anvil face is nice.
  7. Hey, Love the sign concept and there are some good thoughts above. I am filming today for our channel here at BLU so I did a quick video on my thoughts on this bracket if you have time to check it out. Good luck and I hope you post up pictures as you build it. Also I would love to see the place where it is going. https://youtu.be/FwNkukUOnr4
  8. Very cool, We use something very much like this for quick changing kiss blocks and like it a lot. That is a good looking tool and nice drawing of your work too. I would love to see it finished.
  9. You wont get it right on the first try, and if you do i want to know how you did it. Tuning = Adjustment. So the more slides and bolt together pieces you can design in the better. I would love to see pictures as you go.
  10. There is a special spot in my heart for tiny hammers. I like the second picture. The new version of the Kinyon, I think, lend itself well to be made in a tiny hammer. As for port size you can’t ever have enough but timing the cycle of the hammer is far more important than having over sized ports. You should be ok, not great but ok.
  11. I am a fan of ball valves and toe control. Think about car almost all use toe control and butterfly valves. Maybe not the most flashy engineering choise, but it is simple, easy to build and it work. I am glad to hear your hammer is coming along btw.
  12. Every friday I host a blacksmith challenge at our shop. Ever sence a few weeks ago we have been going canldle holder crazy at the shop. As for this one, I forged the base about two weeks ago and the cup just yesterday. About a year ago nick ireys forge a seires of candle holders for OHI and serveral of them had this two part candle cup. I liked it alot so i used it here. As well the base is something new we have been playing around with. So have at it. What do you think?
  13. Thanks again! In full disclosure these two were made by guys I work with and not me, but they have both enjoyed your critiques and quetions therein.
  14. Between these two candle holder which one do you like better? Oh, and what do you think of them? Thanks!
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