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    Bladesmithing and blackmithing primarily but I have a feeling those two will lead me to many more.

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  1. That's a beauty! Oh the knife scales you could make Need to get in the woods and do a little looking. Use to find sheds all the time when I was a kid, but we were in the woods all the time. Joe Dirt
  2. Nice work gmbobnick! Sounds like we have some similarities. I'm a complete new be to the forum and to the craft. I've been absolutely thrilled since I've stumbled upon this place of wealth in knowledge! I had been picking through youtube and the inter web way to long. One rabbit hole after another and not really advancing anywhere.Wish I would have realized how active IFI was sooner. Like 5 years sooner. I'm reading slsells's book again and getting ready to redo my rotor forge(going to use the ducks nest method and recipe to add depth and a more localized heat). Had not re
  3. I've had a few entrepreneurial adventures. Whether out of necessity or want, for me personally, the ones that did the best had a more....., organic growth? I guess a decent analogy would be like hammering on cold steel instead of throwing it back in the fire and letting it come back up to a good temp.. It's going to cause unneeded stresses on you and what you're working on, ultimately leading to fatigue and subpar products. I'm not saying don't be proactive, just try not to force it to hard. For me the ones that didn't do well we're forced. Everyone was obsessing over where we w
  4. Wyoming is my favorite state along with Tennessee. Just had a natural affinity for both. I'll never forget my first run in with a couple of y'all's crazy critters. Badgers are not to be messed with and there were some strange looking crickets out your way. Joe Dirt
  5. I've had a few nicknames working in the oil and gas industry over the past ten years. Joe Dirt is the only one to have stuck around. One of the company men thought I had a mullet tucked under my hardhat and started calling me Joe Dirt. For those that may not know, Joe Dirt is a American comedy staring David Spade. Didn't think about using my real name after having problems trying to use it for a gamertag. Broke my L5 vertebrae and didn't have much to do so my brother got me playing online first person shooters. After a few adult beverages and what I thought was comedic genius, I c
  6. Glenn thank you again for your time, patience, and guidance. BillyBones absolutely will. Thank you. Complete noob so any help is appreciated. Seffers93 welcome aboard. I know the feeling. When you're willing to embrace the suck, your job really sucks lol Joe Dirt
  7. Sorry I don't think I figured it out, and now I don't know how to delete those post. My apologies. I will make sure I have this completely figured out before I post pictures again. Only able to use the phone right now and it's proving difficult.
  8. This is my first shot at trying to make a blade. Lots of lessons learned the hard way. Mystery steel. Y'all have probably heard this one. A buddy of mine said it was good steel to make a knife with......and that's all he could tell me about it. May not have got it hot enough, may dig it out just to try one more time with a significant heat source. Stock removel. Hand files and a angle grinder. Wanted all the bells and whistles so I tapered the tang as well. Started out as a quarter inch thick piece.
  9. Thanks again Frosty, you inadvertently helped me in my conundrum. Phones are pretty much computers so it got me thinking and I started clicking around. Accidentally hit print with my sausage fingers in the option menu. Any who it saves it as a PDF since there's no printer out here in the sticks.
  10. Another try here no app just my mobile.
  11. Just seeing if this app works for converting pictures. Nevermind that seems weird and scetchy don't like this app
  12. House of ill repute that's great. Have that on my instagram profile. Gets me every time. I'm heading that way as long as I don't get side tracked. Going to have to dust off my notebook so I can start coming back to articles and keep on track. I have a coal forge I built but I would like to have a propane one as well. Use the coal for preforms and the propane for temp. sensitive stuff. Thank y'all again. Highly appreciated. Joe Dirt
  13. That's a great idea thank you Irondragon.
  14. Thank you Frosty. Your explanation is completely understandable. Hope it's that easy on the phone too. Wish I could understand the little ladies astrology that easy. All I hear is"Your asparagus rising is in the house of mustard. Which means there's mercury in your gatorade." Frosty T!!! Sorry quick change of subject just realized who you are. Going to be doing a lot of digging around in here on burners. I'm also really looking forward to hearing your insight as well as the other curmudgeons on my work once I get started. Can't believe I didn't put the two together right away. Must be
  15. That's perfect, thank you! I can't wait. I've been just digging in here reading everything that catches my attention, so much info. Love the cryo treatment, was always curious about that whole process. Hopefully ordering the beginner bladesmithing book today. Service out here is a little scetchy right now. Finally got a nice face on the RR rail. Still needs some fine tuning on the edges. Working on figuring out how to convert photos so I can share my progress and get some feedback from y'all fine folk.
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