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  1. Do not sand it! Use a wire wheel then rub some boiled linseed oil on it. Looks like GREAT DEAL.
  2. I would think the odds are in your favor at that price.
  3. I would not even respond to the low life. Weigh it and ask 6 bucks a lbs then sell for no lower than 5 it is not going to devalue.
  4. And I will ring both my anvils. So two from Texas.
  5. Well buy my mountain in TN 150 acres there.
  6. Nope I like my privacy the locals will pay. When I first got here in 93 they were paying $1,500 for a (deer lease) they got mad at me for laughing at them.
  7. The pigs here are pretty smart never heard of one getting hit yet. And all the free sausage you can eat.
  8. Yes there are some bad areas and Dan does not do Dallas. My house is in the middle of 33 acres I can pee off the porch and shoot a shotgun at the same time. I had 12 deer milling aroud yesterday.
  9. I am pretty low tech here. No intrest in the big city or high class accommodations I am more a shack by a lake with a rowboat type of guy. This is at my lake house in michigan.
  10. xxxx that is magnificent I sure hope I can make it up there again. Thank you very much I did not mean to be a pain. Are there places there to rent short term?
  11. Getting ready to sell two places one in Texas then Tennessee. Both have the best elevation in their area.
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