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  1. Interesting people mentioning using silicone to attach the anvil to the stand, but for a long time I have had trouble with my anvil stand wandering around in my garage, especially when working on the horn. I have about a 150 lb anvil, so it crept enough to have to move back once or twice during a forging session. I have tried using rubber feet, widening the base, etc but it still moves. Don't want to drill into floor to fix it in place. Using silicone between the stand and the cement floor has now secured it in place. Very well. No more wandering! Makes forging more enjoyable since I
  2. I'll have to try this approach sometime. My approach would be to burn off wax in forge, then go in manually with files/sandpaper to work the thick scale off to a semi-finished state. Then put back into forge to build up just a thin layer of uniform scale and refinish with wax.
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