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  1. Yep the only consistent thing advertised its a crank made of flat bar
  2. I think it's the one that was attached to a series 210 forge,
  3. Recently I have came across this buffalo silent blower, it's in good condition, only detail is the makeshift handle, does anybody have information regarding the original handle,(measurements,if a counterweight is needed etc )
  4. Well right now I'm. Located in Puebla de los Angeles, Mexico
  5. Hello, recently I acquired this pig anvil and I would like to identify it's procedence, the makers brand is almost illegible but it could possibly be a Baker? As far I can distinguish te logo looks like an "x" with an arrow and an asterisk, also the weight is marked at 48 kg
  6. Does anybody identifies this anvil pattern? It looks like a London pattern but the horn is flattened
  7. Well I didn't explain myself well I have been smithing for almost two years and I wanted to update my ASO that's why I consider to cut a block to a certain shape or to obtain an anvil Something like this colonial anvil
  8. Well, so it will be more advisable to custom cut a large chunk of mild steel ? I think I can get around 300lb for about 200$
  9. Thanks for the info its a quick conversion from Mexican pesos to USD, I cannot counter offer and I haven't asked for a ball bearing test
  10. Hey people I'm new to the site, I have encountered a interesting offer about an anvil but I don't know if it will be of good use, so I came here to get te opinion of better know people. The only info I have on this thing is that supposedly is made from steel, weights 100 lbs, has this weird baseless design and has aprox. 50 years of use, it has been offered to me for about 500$ but I dont really know if it's a good idea to buy it
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